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About Robert Burke

My passion for illustration developed whilst at school, where I had a flair for drawing and pottery. Training as an engineer included time in the drawing office of a large machine tool manufacturer.....      ....Read more


Welcome to my new (still under construction) website. If you like my work, and are considering a commission even at this early stage of the website construction, please feel free to
>> contact me << for more information.

Welcome to my illustration website, the site acts as my gallery and showcases some of the illustrations, technical illustrations and commercial artwork I have produced. I hope you find the site interesting and would consider using my services for any future artwork you may require.

Technical Illustration

The creation of promotional and instructional images for use in sales literature, technical manuals or training material.

Images and animations can be produced in a range of styles from simple line drawings typically used in British and European standards, through to photographically realistic renderings of 3D models.

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Product Visualisation

The creation of computer generated 3D models allows unlimited visual possibilities for the display of product that hasn't yet been created, or existing product that needs to be displayed in ways that would be difficult to achieve using traditional photographic techniques.

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Web Graphics

Illustrations produced specifically for fast loading on websites.


The creation of product animations, and exploded views.

Interactive 3D Content

3D models that can be rotated and animated by the user within a standard web browser.

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Architectural Visualisation

The visualisation of architectural drawings from simple line drawings to photo-realistic renderings. It is possible to create realistic visualisations of buildings and streets ..Read more.

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If you are interested in my work, or would like me to help with a project, please feel free to contact me.

If you can't find the details you are looking for on my website, I am easy to talk to and would be happy to to talk with you either through email, skype or on the phone. Details are on my contact page