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3D Computer Graphics Using Blender 2.80
Modelling Methods, Principles & Practice

Learn to create 3D Computer models using Blender 2.80.

A guide to creating 3D computer models using Blender 2.80. A detailed reference to blenders modelling tools is followed by practical exercises to guide you through a step by step learning process. Working through the book you will create a low-poly house and a detailed Spiral Staircase. Concentrating on modelling principles, the book also introduces you to Blenders Materials, Textures, Lighting, Rendering and Animation.

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Precision Modelling Guide

A Guide to modelling parts and
components accurately
using Blender

This book was written in 2007 for the Blender 2.43 and is now outdated.

The guide was created to assist Artists and Engineers, to learn the basics of mesh modelling of non deformable objects with Blender. It uses a structured approach to introducing Blenders tools and work-methods.
The guide focused solely on Blenders Mesh Modelling capabilities, it ignored the myriad of animation, texturing and photo-realistic rendering tools and concentrated solely on getting started and producing accurate models suited for both artistic and engineering purposes.

Now withdrawn, look out for a new updated version for future Blender releases.